Antique Goldleaf Picture Frame Restore
Antique Chinese Desk and Chair Set Restore
Table and Buffets Refinishing and Restores
Antique Japanese Tansu Restores
Piano Restores

Antique Restoration and Repair:

Restoring the beauty and soundness of antiques with conservation quality materials to maintain their  integrity and value.

One of the things I most like about restoring antique furniture is the unique problem solving each project presents. The process begins with an initial evaluation to determine the history of past repairs and surface treatments. This often requires some sleuthing and research to identify an antiques origin and age.
Once this is determined I begin  restoration.  Drawing on historical and modern techniques I use conservators standards to replicate the materials and finish,  taking into account the period  and the past processes used in the original construction.  Conservation quality  products are always chosen to preserve the original integrity and patina of each piece.

Some of the services available to my clients include:

  • Surface restoration of wood and composite materials
  • Gold and silver leafing
  • Veneering
  • Replacement of broken or missing decorative elements
  • Repair and reconstruction of structural and joinery elements due to age, moisture or insect damage

Good quality repair and restoration can be time consuming but the result of a job well done is always very satisfying. I take pride in my craftsmanship. Each project receives great care and attention. Quality restoration can maintain the life, function and value of your antique and family heirloom.